Women's Fiction


Nine Months To Life


Brian Harvey's incurable hope of having a child plunders after his wife, Anna is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Meeting Shannon Richardson, revitalizes Brian's hope as he sees her becoming a perfect surrogate mother. Shannon is a student at the local college where Brian works. She has no clue of Brian's plans as he gets to know her until the day he invites her over for dinner and introduces her to Anna. Shannon flees in tears. Brian follows her to her apartment. In an attempt to calm her down, an embrace developed into something more between them. Shannon is now pregnant. A triangle of tension is create between the three of them after breaking the news to Anna. Shannon enters an agreement to carry the baby for Brian and Anna. She moves into the garage apartment adjacent to the house to be closer to the expecting couple, masking her feelings for Brian. Brian soon realizes that he has feelings for Shannon as well. Nothing can prepare Shannon for the events that drastically changes her life. A nine month commitment unexpectedly transforms to a commitment for life.



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          NADINE’s marriage is cursed by one of society’s most widespread crimes: domestic violence. Nadine was so blinded by his charming ways and the experience of first love that the early signs of trouble, jealousy, and possessiveness, were invisible to her.

           After returning from Vietnam, Charles’s behavior magnified with violent outburst and heavy drinking that led to Nadine enduring cycles of abuse, repeated marital rape and brutal battery. The night Nadine is hospitalized from an unmerciful beating, her family finally sees the evidence of abuse that they had always suspected.

          During their separation, Charles was able to convince Nadine to return home. Nadine believed that Charles had changed and life would be different, but life took a drastic turn that led to Charles's death and Nadine's incarceration. LINFRED CARTER, a defense attorney, hears about Nadine through a mutual friend and takes her case pro bono. Over the time it takes to build her appeals case, Linfred realizes she isn’t just an offender, but a victim. He fights to win her freedom and her heart. Nadine fights to win her children back and her place in an unforgiving society.